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Welcome to Eubaba Business Platform

Brief Introduction

  • Welcome to EUBABA commerce website. EUBABA is a professional, open-ended commercial platform; specifically provides internet information services for enterprise user. If you want to find a supply channel, you can search your target commodity on our platform, no matter the keyword searching, the classified indexing or the parameter indexing, our platform can feed back to you the exact result you want quickly. If you want to generalize your products, you can choose to settle in our platform, and after becoming the authentication enterprise user, you would publish your products on our platform, so that the other users can search these products information, they might contact you soon or place an order to you through our platform directly. We also provide advertising and promotion services, your products have the chance to appear in the promotion column on our platform. We categorize difference users and analyze their behavior, so that the products information you have published would be seen by those people who are most likely concern them.

  • Business Orientation

  • EUBABA is not an ordinary commerce platform. We have a clear positioning on the user group and business scope. EUBABA is an international commerce platform, which is specifically target to the Chinese market, which means our purchasers are mainly Chinese import trade enterprises while our suppliers might be any countries’ enterprises. This design is using the international market products diversity and the products advancement to handle with the Chinese market’s huge throughput capacity and demand diversity, which will be the biggest highlight of our platform.

  • Multi-language

  • There would be a particular problem in business mode, which is the language barrier. On our platform there would be all kinds of language users, the unified platform language and the different language user's communication become a big problem. So that our platform provide multi-language function, to ensure that the information can flow as much as possible close to zero barrier on our platform, which can be summarized as: machine translation plus human translation. The language on our platform firstly comes into the machine translation state; one page would generate several copies which are multiple language versions, then our professional workers will recheck and embellish these words. Only after verifying the language on the page is accurate, we present the page to corresponding language users. While whether the information published by users is translated by machine or by human would depend on users themselves, because our human translation service is not totally free.

  • Self-service Website

  • In addition to the multi-language function, our platform still has another special function. We provide users a background with which the enterprise users can modify the pattern and style of their enterprise portal page. This function makes the enterprises’ image more personalized, more vivid and more attractive in our platform. If you have no time to manage your website, we can provide ready-made website solutions or some acting website editing service.

  • Professional Services

  • We have specialized SEO scheme for every product’s information on our platform, every major web search engines can search the information of our platform quickly. Moreover, we have media service also; we make some activities on other online media sites regularly, including but not limited to fixed advertising, platform credits promotion, short message push service, etc. to ensure your information published on our platform can play greater transmission efficiency. Maybe you are not so familiar with Chinese media market, it doesn’t matter, we provide you a specialized promotion management tool, and we call it X media which can list Chinese big mainstream media, and present their services orderly to you as selection, through this tool, it can relate your information to other media sites actively, in this way, you would share the Chinese media services expediently.

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