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Demonstration Center Introduction

Brief Introduction

  • Due to the fact that some functions of our websites are under construction, so we can’t show you our whole platform, but among all the function that we had finished, we choose some to show you so that you can understand our website primarily, demonstration center is one function that we want to show you , for the time being, You can experience the function of clients administration center, in this sector, you can edit various information like products information,company introduction, and also the website style etc. you need to register to become a member of us before using the account that newly created to login our demonstration center and experience all the functions. After our platform officially initiated, your created account will be saved in our server and remain effective. Our first official version will launch in the middle June, 2014.

  • Experience

    Operating Instruction

  • After you login the administration center, what you see is the model of our future administration interface. In this sector, we mainly show you 3 modules, the first modules is enterprise information administration, with this module you can edit you own company’s information, including the name, business scope, company scale, the parameter of your products. During the users surfing or searching, y our information will probably be found. The second module is product editing, in this interface you can upload and amend your products information, we provide you customized production classification, which means you can own yourself production classification system so as to help other users to find and choose the products what they want. The third module is company portal administration. This sector mainly provide you the homepage setting and other function, here you even can define your sub-domain, besides we provide many templates at your choose, you can change the interface style by switch the templates.

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